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December CC

Feedback from a new player

As stated I am a new player to this. I played a fair few times and good amount of hours over the course of 2 weeks. First of all this game is extremely new player unfriendly but I guess everyone knows that by now. Quite often I was getting squashed by players at least 90 levels higher than me with all purple cards which brings me to the huge unbalancing issues with games being extremely one sided in all game modes. Team work seems non existent or have little effect over abusing the games flaws. Sure some players have played a long time and maybe play 24/7 but being steamrolled repeatedly is not fun. Remember this game is STARWARS which if any game should not be so elitist then this would be it. As it is the Irony is its more frustrating than alot of FPS. Its a horrible first impression and I think that many new players are just going to quit early unless they feel like a glutton for unfair punishment.

CO-OP mode, this is great and I realise its new but It would be great to add in the other time Eras particularly the canon age of the Rebellion.

Instant action, same as Co-OP

I see that two new skins are to released soon during an event. (Luke and Han) . I saw that after the event that they can be purchased for credits. I think this is a great idea so people can have an incentive to play whatever game mode but also people can also buy with credits to avoid the frustration or can't make it to the timed events. To add to this I think it would be a great idea to apply this to future skin releases also and also previous skins that people have missed (ex princess of Alderaan?) also as this game has been out a long time maybe the pre-order skins also.

I am going to take a break from this game for a while which is Ironic as I only just started playing. I will see what develops in the future and if its worth coming back and giving another try. Things like Co-op and Instant action are definitely an incentive. Maybe a vs hero mode for practice would be good also. If it wasn't for some of those good newer additions I would of just moved on to other games and forgot about this one completely which I am sure many new players do because of what I said above and how the system favours the elite and then widens that gap even more.

Thank you for reading.


  • Ever since the launch of this game I have been frustrated with the lack of single-player content it provides. I don't like having to fight against other players all the time (or most of the time for that matter) because I'd rather play a single player experience where I can relax and enjoy the game without trying so hard and dying so often. Many casual players feel this same way, and that's why I believe more co-op and instant action content would be a fine addition to this game. We still can not fight as and against original trilogy heroes/villains on original trilogy maps in instant action, but I do hope we get an update so that we can play on such maps with such characters.
  • Battlefront 1, on the latest consoles, was far more new player friendly...and one primary reason is because most of the guns aren't badly designed. Another is the effectiveness of star cards, which weren't upgradable, yet were really effective from the start. I gave up on this one several times and finally got certain cards to a point where I was able to survive longer and pose a challenge to higher level players, but it required getting past lots of the game's flaws and bugs. It's too easy to die for a number of reasons, not only because of elitism and bugs. Spawn points are far away from the action / objectives, heroes and villains are OP compared to most classes, objective modes have too little strategy involved, and the HUD is difficult to adapt to even after playing for a while.
  • All of those players that you say are Elite players....they are because they Stuck In and Acquired Skills over time! They endured other players that were better. They struggled and became better. They learned because it was hard, not because it was easy. It might be Star Wars, but it's also War, and War aint Easy or Pretty or Fair.

    Keep playing. Check out Vids for Tactics. Keep Practicing. Play Arcade on extreme. Do whatever you need to do to get better, but don't ask for it to be Easier! Few people achieve anything when it's easy to do. Nothing worthwhile comes from Easy. Those elite players have earned the right to smash Noobs, and Noobs need to earn the right to be here too. Don't forget, every Team of 32 has Noobs which means the Elite players need to work extra hard to make up for their lack of experience, knowledge and participation. Most Noobs stay at the back doing nothing for the team.

    How about being a Team Player and becoming better and getting stuck in? You will only be as good as your competition.
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