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I stop playing the game

I feel like there is nothing


  • @KILLERDRVIER it's all about patience at this point in my opinion. I also am contemplating about taking a long break from the game all together, maybe not stop playing just yet.

    What exactly do you mean by "I feel like there is nothing." if you don't mind me asking for an elaboration.

    They have been adding content, maybe not the content you and I would like, but they definitely have been adding some content. We have to give them that.

    Just be patient my friend. I'm sure more content is on the way, just be patient.
  • Agreed. I 100% rebought this game for the new content. I know the game is crashing right now, but I think there is going to be some good stuff to come.
  • Agreed too.
    It‘s unplayable can‘t play a full CS game it‘s crashing all the time.
    Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed.
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  • JohnIn60Seconds
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    Daily player for 2 years here, I stopped playing after the update that made the game crash 5 days ago. How the developers can get away with leaving the game unplayable like this for so long is shocking and shows how little they care about their paying customers.

    After being a daily player, this whole crashing debacle has massively affected my desire to play the game in the future once it's fixed, who knows when that will be anyway from their incredibly vague and late responses to the issue. Also for this to happen when the biggest video game franchise in history release their new fps game, how Dice can expect people to play their game that kicks players out is simply delusional.
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  • I've had the game for a few months and I have to say I really like this game bugs and glitches aside.

    It's just astounding how in such a short time of having the game I've already witnessed how bad it can get and this recent crash issue is impressively bad.

    I remember seeing people's comments before the update talking about what the new bugs would be, what problems would arise, etc. And I just thought to myself that there's no way it could just continue to happen. They had to have this one squared away. They must've learned from their past mistakes right?

    Well sure enough the update came out and now the game crashes make it unplayable. These guys are humans just like all of us which is why I'm not too mad I'm just disappointed you know? I really like this game and just want to play. But we'll all have to be patient until it's fixed unfortunately.
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