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Please make the Capital Supremacy Matches shorter

Hello There,

I have just come from a round of capital Supramecy which I had to leave before ist end, since it already lasted 3 hours. I find it very non-rewarding when you spend so much time in the game but youre not able to get the reward in form of credit because you are out of time. I hope you find a way to solve this problem, but at the moment I am not motivated anymore to play multiplayer mode.


  • too much gameplay for so few credits. GA and HvV are the best modes to gain credits
  • SYchael
    126 posts Member
    edited November 2019
    A better solution would be to actually expand it. Have ship phase taking down the shield but it’s all or nothing so you don’t keep going back and forth between ground. If a team is stopped they lose instead of the game consecutively going on. Then just triple the credit payout! This would definitely make it The Ultimate SW Battle Mode! For short modes Blast and even though I want them to get rid of them Strike and Extraction well as Instant Action are shorter modes.
  • I played one that went for over an hour. It becomes too redundant. A few things need adding to it to create more variety. Otherwise, it needs to be shortened, I say too.
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