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PS4 - Recruitment - For fun -

I play with a few friends here and there but I would enjoy playing with a larger group of players. So if you are interested in a unified PlayStation 4 playing force feel free to hit me up on Discord. - Gormarnio_69#7278 -


  • The 212th is recruiting now! We are a battlefront 2 simulation unit that hosts operations and events all the time! If you are 15+, have discord and enjoy team play then message WVCMitchel on PSN to join!
    We use Discord for text communication. We use PSN party for in-game communication.
  • PS4: NestlingFalcon. Played the game almost daily for about a year and a half and i'm returning from a long break from the game because of new content. Always keen for competitive, social or co-op.
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