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Does anyone else think cats are out of control?

I mean lawnmower's cat just came into his room and totally messed up his phone. It went after the charging cable, the cable didn't even have a chance I don't think. Phone then came crashing down to try and save cable, but got so messed up that it can't even work now. Then cat just gets away with all of this, probably showing no sign of guilt or remorse like a dog or a person would. I like cats and dogs, but Jesus, these cats. Did they forget who's at the top of the food chain? I mean we got guns and nukes and all this stuff, but yet some little punk mini-lion just comes along and messes up our phones? Our phones are great friends of ours and their charging cables are very special to them. We gona sit back and let these nukes sit in their silos doing nothing while this happens??


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