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What could fix Battlefront 2 forever

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edited November 2019
So, I have been thinking about this a long time. As it stands, BF2 has gotten so much better, but there's a couple bits missing. And here's what could fix it forever.

1) Bring back the Bespin, Death Star Trench and Scarrif maps for Starfighter Assault/Galactic Assault and for offline Arcade.

2) put maps into Blast/Offline Arcade that you did for Galactic Assault and every other trooper based match type.

3) bring a new match type combining Starfighter Assault AND Galactic Assault. Example: fighting to open the shield on Scarrif, then siegeing Scarrif itself.

4) more weapon options just like BF1. We don't like just having 4 guns to pick. We want Rebels with E-11 blasters and such. We want those options, while keeping the Star Cards the same.

5) most importantly, bring Jyn Erso and Director Krennic back! Please!!


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