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Love the look of the new update. Thank you devs.

From what I've read regarding the new update I'm really liking what I see. The biggest thing is giving Vader that 25% DR on force choke. Thank you for that devs. Many people wanted that change reverted and this seems like the perfect fix.

Grievous also gets a buff for his sith trained card, making him an even better hero for GA. I've been meaning to start using Grievous so that's a cool update.

Luke got a nerf on intensify. Boba got a slight buff. Palpatine got a slight nerf. Han and Lando got slight buffs. All of these were great changes. And the commando skins for both droids and clones look amazing.

Those were the things that stuck out initially and I am really looking forward to this update. Good job, Dice.


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