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Getting less attention than battlefield disappoints me

Was this just one big test to see if we’d roll with the original system? I’m honestly and seriously just wondering why BFV has consistently been updated with way more content and had more attention shown by comparison. If the mindset is already that this series would fail from the beginning then it makes me sad, it almost makes me wonder as I have mentioned in another post if a different system of DLC or seasons would have allowed for a better experience at this point in the games lifespan.


  • if it was just added to bf2015 we would have a pretty neat game. ot would be done, add in pt with these planets (naboo, geonosis, felucia, kamino, kashyyyk) a pt class system to differentiate from an ot style and the pt heroes. add new pt specific modes like the cs and some galactic assault missions and intermingle the old modes, droid run, cargo, drop zone. have new battles and survival modes. then have a huge st content drop thats more planets and heroes similar to ot stuff. wouldve been cool.
  • Cause baby battlefield
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  • BFV sucks!
    Bring back Modern Combat!!
  • bfloo
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    Battlefield is EA's ip, of course it is going to get more attention
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  • Psy3d
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    BF is what put DICE on the radar for many and is their flagship ofcourse that will get way more attention than SW:BF games.
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