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Darth Jar Jar will become more powerful than either of us!!!!

Darth Jar Jar. Villan concept. Hear me out

Health: 6,000
R2: Throttle - His big gungan hands will throttle enemies for 100dps
L2: Massive tongue. Jar Jar has a very big tongue and can block sabers and blasters in a 360 radius

He runs as fast as a droidkea in roll


L1: There's always a bigger fish. Mr Binks can influence the midi-chlorians themselves so when he's in danger within 100dmg of death, he can call upon a giant fish to swallow his enemies whole.

L1:R1 - Emergency powers. With his diplomatic prowess Jar Jar can grant his team an extra 100 reinforcements when necessary. 35 for HVV because let's be reasonable.

R1: Big tongue attack. His gigantic tongue will decapitate ALL enemies in one hit

DO WHAT MUST BE DONE. Support this concept NOW

Available for a million credits


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