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Ahsoka Tano hero concept

Ahsoka is probably by far my favorite Jedi from the Clone Wars, she is just awesome and doesn't deserve her current treatment. I honestly don't know if DICE is going to add her or not, but she really deserves to be in this game. DICE said they want to focus on more female Heroes, so here is my idea of Ahsoka Tano.

Base health: 750

Base attack damage: 120

Base attack damage (Rear): 120

Base Regeneration pool: 300

Her abilities would be:

(LEFT): Leg sweep - When activated Ahsoka crouches down and kicks her enemy in the chest, then sweeps her leg under theirs and knocks them over. This deals 20 damage plus the knockdown
10 sec recharge

(RIGHT): Push - 75 damage on knockdown (Press), 130 damage and affects enemies in a 100 degree arc (HOLD)
45 sec recharge

(MIDDLE): Encouragement - When activated allies within a normal Officer arc gain damage reduction and 25 lives, their abilities are reset and they get infinite fire on their guns for a short period.
1 minute and 25 sec recharge

Her various Star Cards would be: (I don't have names for any of these)
Leg sweep deals 5% (lvl 1) 7% (lvl 2) 10% (lvl 3) 12% (lvl 4) extra damage and 2% (lvl 1) 3% (lvl 2) 4% (lvl 3) 5% (lvl 4) extra stun
Recharge rate is reduced by 5% (lvl 1) 10% (lvl 2) 15% (lvl 3) 20% (lvl 4) for all abilities
Increased max health
Increased max regen
Encouragement effects a larger radius of allies
Push deals 5% (lvl 1) 8% (lvl 2) 12% (lvl 3) 15% (lvl 4) extra damage
reduced lightsaber stamina usage
increased speed and knockdown recovery 5% (lvl 1) 7% (lvl 2) 9% (lvl 3) 12% (lvl 4)

These might have to be changed if she becomes a real hero, I don't know, I don't make games

Her launch appearances would be:

I don't really know much about Emotes and Voice Lines, but I'm sure that DICE could find some for her.
If you have ideas or questions comment below. Thanks
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  • I guess everybody wants Tano in game and she fits well for both era. Now we have to wait for Dice to add her in game.
  • I read the post title and thought about what her abilities should be before i clicked. Funny that a leg sweep came to mind immediately. It is a classic ahsoka move. Also love the skin options and fact that base is the somewhat older ahsoka with duel sabers rather than the very young version/when she used a single saber.
  • K4152
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    Hopefully she gets added soon
  • Good to see another hero concept.

    You do not fail to disappoint.

    Appearances are in a similar light to Asajj, being well thought out especially the legendary (I like the winter clothed Ahsoka).

    Her Left ability is in fact perfect. True to her character as well as gameplay wise. I do think her ability upon activation should be gifted a resistance as well as a slight reduction to damage until the animation is over.

    Her Right In my opinion shouldn’t be another push like all other heroes; Kenobi, Luke and Yoda. I do see that the goal you tried to achieve was something similar like a Yoda and Kenobi. But a cool ability I think would relate to her character and play nicely to her other abilities would be 'battle meditation'. It would work alongside Anakin and Obiwan's abilities as she was under an influence of both during the clone wars. She went into battle meditation during a fight with inquisitors.

    Battle Meditation: Ahsoka briefly kneels for 3 seconds when activating the ability. During this time she is extremely resistant to all attacks and takes 75% less Damage. Once this period ends, Ahsoka, for the next 12 seconds, gains a Speed increase, damage buff as well as a stamina refresh. Damage done to enemies replenishes her health giving her reason To Attack afterwards. (Recharge time 45 seconds).

    Encouragement works well with her character as well. Instead of being a defensive supportive ability it could serve its purpose as an offensive support.

    Allies caught in her ability (Max of 2 heroes for balance) activation radius deal 20% more damage as well as herself. Lightsaber heroes caught in this ability have their stamina instantly refreshed.

    Ahsoka has fought some of the biggest villains in her lifetime Most notable being; Grievous, Dooku, Maul and the biggest one yet Darth Vader and survived. In the same way with her agility as well as her dps she would fair greatly against these strong opposers as well as assist those in the fight.

    Her stamina should be low to compensate for her skills and unique abilities but fair.

    Overall Ahsoka is an Agile Lightsaber fighter that was constantly under the influence Of Obi wan and Anakin adopting their tactics. Using Battle Meditation in mid battle as well as listening to Anakin and deciding not to follow orders.

    Like the Asajj Concept you created I’m looking forward to more.
  • Thanks for your feedback, I really hope these two become a reality
    Yeah, you know who I am...
  • Also, I guess everybody knows about it but she fights most of the time with her off-hand/ both hands saber in reverse grip, so I hope they make animations that goes in that way, it would make her stand out from other force wielders.
  • I think our clone wars content days are over, but I do agree this is pretty awesome. Hopefully one day, I'd love to see Ahsoka in the game.
  • StarLillie wrote: »
    I think our clone wars content days are over, but I do agree this is pretty awesome. Hopefully one day, I'd love to see Ahsoka in the game.

    The thing with Ahsoka is that she is also in the Galactic civil war era, so if they add more content from that era, Ahsoka have her place here.
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