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The definitive SWBF1 Player Community (PS4 + Xbox) server on Discord!

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edited December 2019

Hello all! Still enjoy playing Star Wars Battlefront 2015 on PS4 or Xbox? Looking to earn trophies? Having trouble finding a DLC game? Or just looking for friends to team up with on Walker Assault? Look no further - our SWBF1 Player Community (PS4 + Xbox) server on Discord is now up and running!

Over there we can interact with fellow Star Wars Battlefront 2015 players (who are still active) and stay informed on what’s happening in the community! Don’t miss out! It’s way more effective than the existing Xbox/PS Community and Message platforms!

We’ve set notifications for only @mentions so don’t worry about receiving a notification for each and every message sent in our server (no notification spam - hooray!). Also, we’ve got good-guy admins so don’t worry about toxicity either!

We have channels for Walker Assault, Cargo & Scrims, DLCs, Community Events, Tournaments and more!

We hope this can be the central nexus for the active BF2015 community to organize scrims, public DLC lobbies, private community events, and more!

The Discord is proving to be very fun and useful! We have server moderation by the admins, sensible rules, categorization of players, limited notifications and much more :D Hope to see you! Here is the invite link:
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