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Bring back Dislike or Disagree Button!

Maybe I simply missed something, but what was exactly the reason that Dislike and LOL Buttons have been removed? Because they were too negative?

Since insightful is somewhat replacing anything now, which is just bad, I would like to get any sort of disagreement button back.

Maybe exactly that? A disagree button? Not to negative, nor something you laugh about. Simply expressing your disagreement with a post. Plain and simple. Do not see why someone should be offended by a "disagree".

Thanks in advance
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  • Because certain people's egos were too offended by people disagreeing with them.
  • Well, Insightful is the new LOL. Maybe Like can be the new dislike?


  • Might get some hate for this but I’m glad it’s gone. It forces you to explain why you think something is a bad idea, instead of just clicking lol with no explanation. Starts more constructive discussions in my opinion.
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