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Crashing after Monday 3rd Feb Update & 12th hotfix

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I find SWBF2 is now freezing for 5-10 seconds, screen then goes black and crashes me right out of the game back to Home Screen. Happens in any mode. I use XBOX ONE. Anyone else??
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  • I'm on xbox and the same things happening to me. It either freezes with a mad sound bug for 7 odd seconds then closes and I'm back at xbox home. Or it just freezes. Then I close battlefront and open it again and then there's no sound what so ever so I have to hard reset my xbox. Happens more on supremacy in ship faze. **** take really.
  • Yes that is exactly what happens a definite bug. I do lose sound too. I use the German server as I am in Europe. Sometimes I use the Virginia server if I am playing late at night. But it's all the same - the bug is there.

    ALSO - Have you noticed that on some of the freezes during a melee fight cause the controller to vibrate ad infinitum even when the game has crashed out to Home?? Forcing the need to unplug the controller to kill its power...then it's fine when reconnected!!!
  • Yes, has happened to me twice so far. Only on CS when we get halfway through destroying the ship. Sometimes even a hard reset of the XBOX doesn't fix the issue...
  • Seems to me it crashes out when any close melee fighting reaches a frenzy.... like the XBOX can no longer handle the dataflow streaming through the game engine...
  • The game is also MUCH SLOWER to initially load on starting up. Notice that?
  • Yeah I've noticed a bit slower load. Also the wrong cut scene after blowing up the ship. It always makes out that we failed to blow up the ship and shows ships flying back to the surface. Then cuts straight to the leaderboard and best 5 player. So many bugs you'd have thought they would have fixed them seeing as they held the update back another week. Just had another game then and it crashed just before we were away to blow the ship up..........
  • Yeah, it's happened 3/5 times since the update but only on the new maps.
  • Is it just XBOX?
    I found it happened on old maps too like Takodana while playing officer, heavy and enforcer. Plus twice in Ewok Hunt yesterday. Anyone else?
  • I am using PC BF2 and crashes a lot also for me.
  • Thanks. I am surprised not more people are reporting it. It does need a hotfix then.
  • Today i was playing at 20:00 gmt +1 (central europe time) just fine on pc but after 21:20 it has been crashing a lot entering or leaving maps. As i said in another post the crashes normally happen to me at certain hours of the day during the week, i suppose when there more people in the servers, saturdays is on the afternoon instead.
  • I'm not sure yet if yesterday's hotfix (12th Feb) actually fixed this issue for XBOX. I still have had 2 crashes - both of the same type - right out out of the game to HOME.
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    Happened several times on HvV (XBOX). Crashes mid-game, no sound and either freezes or goes to XBOX home screen.

    Combat also seems much worse.

    Why does every patch bring more bugs and glitches?
  • I have also noticed this to be a prevalent issue, especially if not exclusively with supremacy. I use PS4, and I’ve heard a couple cases of other PS4 players having this problem.
  • Apparently all the hearts above is because EA will not allow the three letter word (IT insect synonym) that begins with B and ends in G to describe any code fault. Rightio...well anyway the issue still remains on my XBOX albeit a little less often. Anybody else seeing it still on other platforms?
  • I think it is settling down
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