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Saber lock is back and worse than ever.

Saber lock or Saber stun or whatever you what to call it has really been **** me off. You can get stunned out of Heroic Might and Charge Slam now, I couldn’t dash away when two swing spamming Heroes we’re hammering away at me, this is ridiculous now. Remove it please.


  • About the topic. Yeah it's been pretty bad since the update. Hope it gets fixed soon
  • MC_XIX
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    edited February 14
    Agreed, good topic to highlight this pressing issue. Kylo gets saber locked out of Frenzy, which is ironic considering Frenzy used to be the culprit of saber locking. Chewie can't activate Ground Slam, Han can't activate Shoulder Charge...and if any of these 3 heroes manages to activate the ability, they are instantly stunned out of it and the ability resets itself as if it was never used. Ugh.
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