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So were not allowed to say B.u.g now?
Dice, if your community is upset at you, forcing them to shut up is only going to make this worse. I preordered this game, its come along way, some good changes, some really bad ones, we made this game. The game you pumped out at release wasn't half of what it is today, you put in a lot of work, more power to you, but we helped make this game what it is today, we helped you with bugs, we gave you ideas, we stuck with you when you released a broken pile of garbage and the time it took you to fix it. And now once your on your feet your censoring us? The word b.u.g has no logical reason to be put on a censorship list. This is not the right choice, your only making things worse. I didn't put $80 and hundreds of hours into this game to be shut up when I have a dissenting opinion, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


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