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Delete this trash of a game!

I tired of this **** game! You had this game running so long but yet your server are so bad that I can’t even play it! I lag through the ground! The hero’s ability don’t work how they post to work! I having spawn X to respawn or use my ability. Your glitches where your ultimate is active but yet it doesn’t do anything till you take 3 steps! Your blocking is glitch after using ability you can’t block! I lag to the point my character just stands there! Like discontinue the online on battlefront 2 I don’t care! You guys should of fix this **** from the beginning and stop adding new **** in! This why you sold the game for 10$ because you got desperate for players! Well shut this game down now! It’s so bad it’s no longer able to fucken play if I lagging off cliffs my ability’s don’t work before you say anything about my internet it’s not that. I play other games and have no lag at all! Fix this ****! If you can’t just stop making star wars games! You ruining this for everyone. And I am looking for my fucken refine back


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