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Please give us "Disagree" back.

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edited March 13
@(Whoever manages the reaction buttons in this forum, so likely someone at EA):
When you took "Disagree" away, the meaning of "LOL" changed from "funny" to "laughable". To make up for the missing option to disagree. Then you took "LOL" away, because it became insulting, what happened? The meaning of "Insightful" went from "interesting" to "id*ot". What will you do next? Remove "Insightful", so that the meaning of "Agree" turns from "agreed" to "yeaaaah, suuuuuuuure (loser)"?

People will always disagree. It is normal. If someone feels offended by that, they will feel just as offended by the replacement people find for it. And people will always find such a replacement. The actions to prevent this are what is truly discriminative, but not against people, but against vocabulary. It disvalues words, more than it ever disvalued people.


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