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Fallen Order is amazing

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It took me by surprise, it exceeded my expectations. I hesitated in buying it because I don't like puzzles and looking for stuff, but some scenes are just plain awesome, the story and characters development is so cool, heroes and villains easily get a place in our hearts, and I haven't finished it yet. Wookies tough and mystique lives makes one feeling a lot of respect for those warriors that didn't have too much background before this movie, I meant, game.

It's an epic adventure that fights streaming series in quality and intensity, it catches one up the same way series catch people, one wants to know more, but the time spent in the large maps forces one to wait for another day to find out. Of course without spoilers is better, though it's hard with YouTube because people spoil with thumbnails or without warning.

The game is technically amazing too, though some few characters look weird, like the wookies, one has to enter places one would think there was nothing in an amazing way, camera angles and close up just perfect.

Mobility is beautiful when dealing with platforms and discovering the maps, though combats felt weird at the beginning to someone not used to videogames too much, after some epic combats one starts loving it too. Some combats, action scenes and cinematic acenes are brearh taking, just finished second round in Kashyyk and it was gorgeous.

At some time I felt the tense of the environment, the enemies, the creatures, it becomes a very immerse experience thanks to different tools game developers managed with mastery, film making industry and tv series will envy.

I don't like puzzles but the ones I found in this game were interesting, I have had to look for the solution of only one puzzle on YouTube, so if you're like me and don't like puzzles, you could see how they are solved on YouTube so you don't miss the story.

I'm writing this to thank the development team and to give some perspective to people who might be hesitant like me due to the type of game.

Finally, this game proves we don't need the vulgarity of resurrecting dead characters to draw our interest, like: Maul, Palpatine, Boba Fet, and in a near future Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort; because they were so frankly cool, that "creatives" are totally incapable of creating further compelling villains people fear and love, or heroes one feel empathy for, like the ones in this game.


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