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I wanted to start a thread on just some general info about each other. Might be good reading for dice.
Post like this: (this is my info)
Platform- Xbox one
Player age - 29
Years gaming - 24 ish
Casual/hardcore ness (1 casual 10 hardcore) - 6
Why I love BF - its just so much fun. Its Star Wars.
My ONE improvement suggestion - improve melee combat.

Next up....


  • PS4

    age: 26

    years gaming: bout 20 probably

    i think im about a 4 on your scale

    love battlefront cause i love anything star wars and its a fun and easy game to get into. i dont really like online shooters like COD or battlefield or anything cause im awful at them, but this game i actually can do good. my K/D is under 1 but i could care less about that i have lots of fun

    cant think of much improvement besides content but its coming. i really enjoy the offline stuff so id like to see more of that. only need to beat survival on tatooine on master to get my last diorama figure.

    nice post
    Deathstick addict. PSN: tuffgnar
  • Platform- Xbox One

    Player age - 39 (old fart who gets his a$$ handed to him on the battlefield constantly)

    Years gaming - ~34 years (started with Atari/Colecovision)

    Casual/hardcore ness (1 casual 10 hardcore) - 3

    Why I love BF - Incredible graphics, games immersive experience...3 hours of playing seems like 30 min. I also enjoy the different aspects of the game from vehicles to weapons.

    My ONE improvement suggestion - Improve partnering system (this may just be a problem for me though, as it's difficult to understand).
  • PS4

    age: 29

    years gaming: bout 22

    probably a 6

    Great graphics and general gameplay

    Improvements I would say stop with the crazy nerfs. If something seems OP tone it down a bit not destroy it!
    PSN: bilbo2407
  • Blazur
    4468 posts Member
    Platform- PC
    Player age - 37
    Years gaming - Since Commodore 64 Era.
    Casual/hardcore ness (1 casual 10 hardcore) - 9
    Why I love BF - Supremacy is awesome. I could play it non-stop and not get bored.
    My ONE improvement suggestion - Improve matchmaking so it's easier to find servers for the various modes.
    The greatest teacher, failure is.
  • I wanted to start a thread on just some general info about each other. Might be good reading for dice.
    You sound like a creepy stalker type guy...

    Platform - Xbox one and PC
    Age - 31
    Years gaming - From time indefinite to time indefinite.
    Hardcore-ness (1 casual 10 hardcore) - 7 (I have to be one better than OP)
    Why I love BF - Pew pew. Kksssshhhh Kksssshhhh. RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.
    My ONE improvement/suggestion - Longer lasting death cam so people can see me abusing their lifeless bodies.
    My other ONE improvement/suggestion - Let us skip or instantly complete the post-game points/credit count. I don't need to see them count up at any speed I just want to see the final figures.
  • Platform - PS4
    Age - 40
    Years gaming - 30?
    Hardcore-ness 5
    Why I love BF - I did love it, when I was actually ranking up and getting accomplishments, now it's boring getting camped by one ***** after another.
    My ONE improvement/suggestion - Better match making/More even weapons and vehicles/More content. Really useful spawn points.
  • Oh I'm 39 like longs walks on the beach, candle light dinners, cuddling on the couch.

    Oh wait wrong forum.
  • Platform- PS4
    Player age - 37
    Years gaming - 32 (since Atari 2600)
    Casual/hardcore ness (1 casual 10 hardcore) - 9
    Why I love BF - Love to fly, and it's STAR WARS!
    My ONE improvement suggestion: Fix spawn system
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