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The Ultimate Chaotic Conquest Mode

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edited March 2016
Id like to see a game mode that incorporates elements from cargo, drop zone and droid run, heroes vs. villains—as well as walker assault, supremacy and turning point.

Imagine if you will, fighting over control points like on Supremacy to secure an area and call for Drop Pods to rain down from the sky... Soldiers shuffling Cargo to and from areas to assemble and activate Uplinks. Holding or losing Turning Point-esque control points can either prevent Walkers from being launched, or call them into action... Gonk Droids wandering the battlefront as mobile command posts which control the type of reinforcements each side can muster.... Walkers trudging towards the rebel base.. Han, Luke, and Leia supporting the alliance at the same time, while Vader, Boba Fett, and the Emperor himself lead the Empire on the ground.

It would be utter and complete chaos. Glorious chaos.
There's your Galactic Conquest mode.


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