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Can Star Wars Battlefront Be on Mac

I Have a Mac and I Love Star Wars Battlefront and Im Wondering If We can have the Game On Mac


  • Ezcore_G
    333 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I guess it could, if DICE decided to make a MAC version.
    Maybe you can dual boot windows on your MAC? That way you can still enjoy your MAC OS and Games on Windows? Look into it! I would.
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  • Sure it could just load Windows on your Mac since Macs are internally the same as other PC's
  • To my knowledge no Frostbite game has been on Mac, although I could be wrong.
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  • No it cannot.
  • Of course it can! Same hardware as a PC. These companies that can export to xbox and playstation but then can't export to pc and mac? Makes no sense... I guess they don't want money...Just because a person can make a bootcamp partition does not mean companies should just be lazy. There are more people with viable MACs than Playstation 4s. 5 million+ Macs sold every quarter...Thats 16 million per year!! Playstion 4 has sold 25 million since 2013. Thats like 3 million per quarter.
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