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December CC

Seasons Pass and Paid DLC refund or reimbursed.

A lot of us are season pass owners or paid for new Outer Rim DLC, I am one of those people and sadly I cant play the game due the bugs and crashes. We paid the extra to get the early access and we are being denied that access.
I am randomly level 60 (still) and my game crashes after every map change. The new playlists don't work the way the suppose to and its even harder to find a game.

Has there been any official response from sledge or anyone as to whats going to happen. Its not good enough really for people that have paid hard earned cash for a product that doesn't work. Its seems to be working for some people. But I would expect to be reimbursed for the inconvenience of not be able to play the game! Anyone with these same problems agree?


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