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"Survivors of Endor" Games Freezing/Stuttering (PS4)

I have noticed since the map's release on the PS4, games modes 'Walker Assault' and 'Turning Point' seem to always freeze and stutter. Especially at the last capture point at the fiery AT-AT location. Yesterday's gameplay freeze would last 2-5 seconds.


  • I also experience this.
  • I also just played a long rotation through all the maps on Turning Point and there were no problems until the SOE map–same spot in the latter part of the game with freezing/stuttering, and on the second time when the teams switched, it froze and booted me from the servers in the last 22 seconds of the match which would have led to victory.
  • Experienced this as well. Lag and stutter.
  • I experienced exactly the same in the final stages of Walker Assault. It has not happened anywhere else in the entire game and I've completed around 250 hours of play since launch.
  • I confirm, on this map it's jerky and it ruins the gameplay of this great game.
    Please remove some trees to regain fluidity.
    Thank you :)
  • Primus_314
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    edited March 2016
    With supremacy, it seems to occur most frequently at the last rebel capture point. I also find with WA that the stutter/jerky behaviour primarily happens when in the tree catwalks. This doesn't happen in the other Endor maps (when on the catwalks). Most often it happens when just starting to get into the catwalks (between 4/5 capture point) or to the elevated uplink. There are several ramps that lead to the catwalks and my stutter occurs here frequently.

    Occasionally it has happened at other points in the map, but this portion seems to be the worst (most reproducible) for me. I also have a PS4; is anyone reporting this on other platforms?
  • I have been experiencing this too. I feel like the PS4 can't handle the fire, as it's constantly moving. Remove a fire area or two, and we should be fine.
  • it's a lagfest, and it seems to get worse.
  • I've seen this frequently on xb1 since the March update.
  • Got this problem on PC too.
  • Frequent stuttering on ps4 on survivors on endor. Great map though looks amazing
  • Strangely enough I experienced jitter/stutter playing the 2 player missions last night. Never had that problem before. It was like the video card could barely catch up.
  • On PS4
  • I've had the same issue.
  • +1 happened to me multiple times only on this map, jerks and stops for split seconds
  • +1 happens all the time
  • Still wondering if DICE has at least one QA engineer.
  • BUMP!

    Still happening!
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