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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

Won my first Hero Hunt today.

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So much for those feel-goods that are supposed to come along with it haha

I think this is my 5th ever HH match, maybe 6th lol....
Cycler lyfe -- All about that Ishi Tib!


  • Reesh
    424 posts Member
    Haha well done lol I was so excited when I won my first match lol
    I've only won one more time after that so I still 8 more to get the diorama :/ lol
  • Vakyoom
    995 posts Member
    Lol well, I might have won anyway but this sucked the experience dry like a $2 ***** lol

    Might be the perfect time to get the other 9 of my wins hahahaa
    Cycler lyfe -- All about that Ishi Tib!
  • When I won my first hero hunt match, I was happy, and then never wanted to go back.
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  • Tried well over 10 times (maybe 20?) and never won. I shall give up on any achievements I can get in this mode and be at peace knowing I won't have to worry about it. :D
  • Nice play man. The 10th win is the sweetest by far ;)
    I did it in HH 1.0
    Also, how gangsta is the Nunb!?
  • I chased the PS4 trophy for winning 1 match in each multiplayer mode for soon long and could not get HH, just got my k/d further wrecked for trying. After the update though I won straight away and its a good feeling after all that time.
  • I hate HH with a fiery passion... Still need 9 wins for the achievement but find myself naturally averse to that mode.
  • DarthJ
    6667 posts Member
    Well done mate. I got the diorama achievement linked to it but took me well over 30 games!
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  • Vakyoom
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    edited March 2016
    Nobody even mentioned the second hero lol... Me winning wasn't even the point hahaha.

    Oh well. I tried some more last night and I keep getting spawned in between 4 dudes OR the invincible storm trooper makes his appearance lol.

    I do really enjoy nien, I just wish Leia or Han were good for hh as its still Luke over and over and over.

    And I still like greedo more lol.
    Cycler lyfe -- All about that Ishi Tib!
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