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Reached level 60 and now getting no credits?

10 posts Member
edited April 2016
I reached level 60 a few hours ago with the help of the bonus weekend xp but have noticed after a game I now get 0 credits... Its only happened after I became level 60 so I assume its a bug is this happening to anyone else??


  • Same thing here. Almost, makes a person want to stop playing period. I wonder if they will fix. If you use the companion app it lets you know your actual rank....but I'm not seeing my credits
  • You get credits they just aren't shown
  • HoneyBeesUK
    1 posts Member
    edited April 2016
    Very annoying indeed! Hope this will get sorted soon, also don't like seeing a score of 0 credits. The new way AI ship kills are not counted was better before.
  • EpicSybe wrote: »
    You get credits they just aren't shown

    What he said. Its just a display error, needs to be fixed though.
  • Maxx
    79 posts Member
    Interesting fact, I had a new user on my PS4 this weekend create an account and jump into SW:BF and they didn't experience the zero credits tally at end of match! Strange. New accounts are fine just but if your account predates the patches it's still glitched?
  • Ragnarokpc
    1 posts Member
    edited April 2016
    In having the same problem. And I'm not so sure you're getting the credits you earned. Looked like I stayed at 23k after playing a match. Definitely sucks on double credits weekend
  • I have had weird bugs all weekend. Friday gave me a flat 1000 bonus points each match regardless of my score. Saturday I played and the earned XP would only occasionally stick, I made level 58 and 59 twice. Sunday seemed to even out and return to normal
  • The people are making enough money off of this you would think they could make this a priority fix
  • I'm having the max 60 no credits issue and when I check the app my credits haven't changed. For what they charge this better get fixed with compensation ASAP!
  • Rjs3
    1 posts Member
    I had an awesome game and should have earned over 18k credits but it just kept repeating 2290 and didn't give me anything! **** and going to stop playing and paying. Fix the bug and credit us our points earned. I know you're tracking activity so it should be just coming though the data for those after x date who are level 60
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