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Do you play this game because it's Star Wars or because it's a great solid game?



  • Star Wars nerd bought the Battlefront PS4 bundle despite not owning a console (Wii for kids doesn't really count) since PS2. Star Wars nerd loves Battlefront despite shoddy support/quality control. Star Wars nerd raising little Star Wars nerd who also loves Battlefront.
  • Definitely because star wars. The game is super buggy, so it's not the gameplay.
  • Caver12
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  • Star Wars, and I'm only enjoying it because I have a few friends to play with. This is one of the worst games I've ever played but I somehow hold on to some hope for its future.
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  • Kresa
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    edited April 2016
    Star Wars of course... and i am sure we are the majority... and this is why they need to focus some more on solo / offline / co-op / lore etc...
    But i will mention that if it had bad gameplay i wouldnt be staying for more than a few hours so...
    So in the end its not perfect but its not that bad either.
  • noscratch222
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    edited April 2016
    Webn8tr_ wrote: »
    Because I thought it was a battlefront game.

    So true

    Me too
  • Sonia
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    Both ,its a good 3rt person shooter, I see all Star Wars movies, its a fun good game :)
  • DO2L
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    Because it is Star Wars and I love the Battlefield style games.
  • DarthOdious2002
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    edited April 2016
    65% Because it's Star Wars
    35% Because I saw the trailer before I even knew there was going to be a new Star Wars shooter game and I was like...OMG that looks so good then I realised it was Star Wars!
  • Had to relive the glory days of playing Star Wars on my N64 so I got this.. And it turned out to be pretty good.
  • I personally no longer play this game at all because of the lack of offline multiplayer, right now what I have is aa official dice/ea star wars battlefront beverage coaster. Its pretty nice and I got it for the low intoductory price of 59.95 plus tax, keeps my end table very well protected. This is essentially what we will all have when they shutdown their servers. Unless of course they allow full access to all game modes offline.
  • Because its a great game
  • Starwars by far, for the locations and characters to the great music. Don't get me wrong I still love the gameplay but it's the fact it's starwars gameplay.
  • The kids bought it.
  • Seems like I'm the only one who bought it because it was a 3rd person shooter and got good reviews from people who played the beta.

    It originally caught my attention because I really liked the ps2 clone wars battlefront. The hero gameplay offline was alot better in the ps2 game.
  • For me, because its star wars and it looks pretty and that's about all I can say on it because its far from being a solid game.
  • GreenRey
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    The theme and because the actual gameplay is extremely fun. If it wasn't fun to play then I wouldn't be coming back.
  • strdr
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    I play it because it's Star Wars and looks gorgeous and have the straining hope that they resolve the bug issues. If that happens I'll be so happy.
  • PR7864
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    Well then let me be the first. Not only do I love this game because it's Star Wars, but the game play is pretty solid. The only Gripe I have it that there is no Offline Multiplayer and lack of Customization and content. Other then that it's pretty amazing:)

  • I used to play it because it's Star Wars. The game itself I un-balanced and just not very fun and enjoyable, the Star Wars name and feel just brought me back to when I was younger.
  • Mcap
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    I only play because it's Star Wars, and because I miss the previous Battlefront series. But this is absolutely not what I wanted in a SW game. In fact, it barely resembles anything in SW. So may things are just so.....wrong.
  • Because it's Star Wars and there are less Star Wars games alternatives at the moment
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  • Ezio
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    Tobikun wrote: »
    PR7864 wrote: »
    Well then let me be the first. Not only do I love this game because it's Star Wars, but the game play is pretty solid. The only Gripe I have it that there is no Offline Multiplayer and lack of Customization and content. Other then that it's pretty amazing:)

    It isn't solid, this game is filled with bugs that break the game. That and the game will still crash on you at times.

    Why must you always rain on people's parades? If they enjoy it and think the game is solid, why must you try to make them as bitter as you?
  • TheChewbaccabrah007_
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    edited April 2016
    A little bit of both (semi solid game)but mostly because of starwars.-plus the graphics.
  • I got it because it's Star Wars. It's not the type of game I usually play and I never really played online before. I have nothing to compare it to really but it seems decent underneath it all, if sometimes incredibly frustrating. It's beautiful visually though and I like that they keep tweaking away at it.
  • No one is playing this because its solid. If you arent a Star Wars fan and you still play this game, then you are a nihilist.
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