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Who Else Is Never Going To Use The Dioxis Grenade After Completing Its Contracts



  • YomaMa
    56 posts Member
    YomaMa wrote: »
    Question: does personal shield protect from dioxis grenade?

    No, great tool for those charging in front with personal shield to get their team down a hallway.

    Thanks for feeding back.
  • DO2L
    129 posts Member
    Needs a buff. I find It helps if you toss a flash grenade and then the dioxis nade, also depends on the map.
  • fmpauley wrote: »
    Dioxis is great in Extraction, it is a staple in my game now. It's not great for kills, but it delays the other team so more of my team can arrive. Often times I just charge in, toss a grenade, toss gas, and then blaster one or two before I get gunned down; with the gas, I get a few seconds back and I can run back to fight again. As a formula, it seems to work consistently.

    Yep, that's the Extraction formula, rinse repeat.
  • Vakyoom
    995 posts Member
    The only tweak it needs is the activation timer. Once it hits the ground it needs to activate, not wait long enough for everyone to run.

    I want it to have a stickiness to it....if you hit an enemy with it it sticks to their body

    OH man i'm behind this idea 100% lol
    Cycler lyfe -- All about that Ishi Tib!
  • It should have a concentrated, higher damage rate when thrown into a squad shield :)
  • I've more or less singlehandedly won games of turning point with it. You won't get many direct kills with it but throw it at a crowd and they'll turn and run. Easy kills
  • Once the bacta bomb comes out, dioxis will be even less useful. I will be running with bacta. I hate getting 1-shot over and over without being able to react.
  • I would throw one and then watch enemies run through it and shoot them enough to where the dioxis would finish the job making sure not to "accidentally" kill them with the blaster.
  • Rok73
    583 posts Member
    edited April 2016
    Stupid thread because OP has no clue. The D nade is very useful in Extraction e.g. Ok, I don't know if OP has the DLC but anyways. But there are other use cases as well. The damage that is done through the nade can be the first or last little damage that can be done in order to get the kill. It can also be used to clear certain small areas so it serves a strategic purpose as well.

    If there are other guns or cards you don't understand, feel free the ask me.
  • Versatti
    1870 posts Member
    I quite like it. :D
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