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Need some Actors for PS4 Battlefront Film

Welcome to possibly the greatest Battlefront Machinima that will ever be made. There will be strict rules but the film will look great if you abide by them.

Requirements: Rank 40-45 recommended but not required, Relby and/or Cycler Rifle unlocked and bought, at least some experience of Battlefront.

This Film will be based on Boba Fett and will require the use of both Rebels and Imperials. Other Heroes and Villains may feature but Fett is definite. At least two maps will be used. Some scenes will require you to die, so don't strafe or retaliate unless it is required for you to do so. Anyone who disobeys the rules numerous times will be kicked and will potentially have their screen time cut out of the film. This film will hopefully be finished completely and ready to release on May 4th.

I already have about 5 people, but another 5 or 10 would be highly appreciated.

Filming will begin tomorrow. We are going to be filming on Tatooine, Jakku and possibly Endor. Please message EnglishDragon17 on PSN for further details or reply to this thread.


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