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Battlefront 2 prequel/CWs/sequel YOUR ultimate HERO wishlist

Hey guys. Obviously we don't know what bf2 is based on yet, so let's speculate on all of it!
I just want to say that if it is the prequel than I think that ea would not include clone wars and certainly not rebels. But if the game is clone wars, I'm speculating that heroes and planets would be included.
This will also show everyone how it's possible to have Kenobi and Luke in swbf, due to Vader and Anakin having to both be in prequel/cws content, I think the solution is easy. Only one is allowed. If you pick Vader no one can pick Anakin. If you pick Kenobi no one can pick Luke, and vice versa.

Also I think that bf2 will be released in March 18 if it's based on the sequels to allow 4 months for everyone to watch episode 8.

I'm going with a BASE game of 6 heroes and villains. I would hope to still see hvsv stay 6v6 or 8v8. Having different heroes to pick in hvsv makes the mode much better imho.


1. Kenobi
2. Anakin
3. Windu
4. Qui gon
5. Padme
6. Commander Cody
I don't see them ever using yoda. But I do hope so

1 Darth maul
2 Darth Sidious
3 Darth Vader
4 Darth tyranus
5. Jango fett
6. Grievous

1. Young Ahsoka/old Ahsoka. IDC which. Just give her to me PLEASE
2. Anakin
3. Kenobi
4. Luminara
5. Kanaan
6. Captain Rex
I do not believe they would use Ezra for the same reason as yoda

1. Maul
2. Ventress PLEASE
3. Cad bane
4. Grievous
5. Dooku
6. Vader

1 Rey. Episode 8. She has a lightsaber and control of the force
2 Luke. Episode 8
3 Poe
4 Finn. Not sure how to use him as we don't know if he is a force user, but it would be awesome if he was a blaster hero and one of his abilities was a lightsaber, but not his primary
5. Han solo
6. Chewie
I suppose you could trade any of the last 4. With jyn but I don't see how the time line adds up to include rogue one

2 kylo
3 kylo
4 kylooooo you get the point. Sequels have no other villains. So episode 8 better have some evil.

What do you guys think? Who is on your wish list?


  • Billiam301
    569 posts Member
    edited May 2016
    for sequel trilogy I reckon included in the base game will be:
    Han Solo


    Kylo Ren
    Captain Phasma
    General Hux

    Assuming the DLC will have ep 8 content

    Luke skywalker


    some of the Knights of Ren
    "The force is strong with this one."
  • I did forget phasma. But even nien nunb was more relevant lol
  • And I seriously hope we get more than 6 base heroes
  • mastery0ta
    6575 posts Member
    I would love to play as Darth maul again. Only hoping for him. keeping expectations low this time around. Thanks EA
  • Nerdynerd
    410 posts Member
    Don't quote do @Nerdynerd


    Darth Maul
    Darth Sidious
    Darth Tyrannus
    Jango Fett
    Cad Bane
    General Grievous
    Anakin (for Mustafar only)

    Obi wan
    Mace Windu
    Kit Fisto
    Plo Koon
    Captain Rex
    Commander Cody
    Kai Adi Mundi
    Anakin (Not available on Mustafar )

    Even number of Heroes and Villains above.



    Poe's X-wing

    Kylo Ren
    Captain Phasma

    Special Forces TIE Fighter.
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