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Searching for a partner

Hey there I am searching for some partner to play with
I have been playing sw for quite a while and it seems much more fun to play with a partner.
Although I am on 60lvl, I play like a total noob xp so I'm looking for someone who won't be getting nervous about my deaths or something
If someone has a clan I might also consider joining but so far I don't really know how it works so...anyway add me on origin: Empty_Virus


  • Greetings Snostor/Empty_Virus -

    I'm Replicant, with TAW. We are a clan that's been around since 2001 - representing players and games of all types since that time. We are a structured and fun group of folks who gather frequently to play, learn, and have fun together; building community along the way. Representing players of all skill, we welcome all -- old and new players, young and old alike. If you want, feel free to visit and read a bit about us. Browse the site, all the games played by the clan, etc. If interested, simply click the 'Apply Now' button on the main page -- and it'll run you though the proces.

    If you have any questions, or simply want to play some matches, feel free to add me on origin -- TAW-Replicant (origin ID). In the meantime, keep having fun and I hope to bump into you soon!

  • My friend, it sounds like the Angels of Death, or AOD for short, would be a perfect place for you! We are a casual clan with over 200 members in our Battlefront division where skill doesn't take precedence and all we care about is that everyone has fun and makes new friends in their conquest for galactic warfare!

    If you would like please feel free to add myself, AOD_Rimeraz, on Origin and we can discuss it more if you like! We are a huge, happy family and we would love for you to be part of it! :)

  • Add me my username is EyeofSaruon. I'm lvl 60 and play quite a bit
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