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"Empty Slot" for Traits not Selectable

Can't select traits (PS4). Been like this for weeks. What's going on?


  • have the same problem with various cards. sanas example. counts until 18/20 kills with ee3 blaster and stoped then. having hundrets maked after that.. dioxis grenade lvld back from 100%. thats really frustrating. have needed weeks for berserker card. please fix that.
  • playing ps4 name jbraun2903 with season pass. german vers.
  • Both hands always change to the same no matter what I do
  • I noticed mine was blank last time I went in there (and not of my doing, either). I wonder how long I was running around without Scout????

    Did you try doing it through the companion? I think there might be a way to change it there.
  • Gingie
    4317 posts Member
    I noticed my trait would be removed from its slot when I turned on the game, but it still let me put it back.
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