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Crazy Hero Glitch

So during Matthew Serna's stream today, he came across a glitch where all 5 villains were in a walker assault match on survivors of Endor. I don't know if anyone has came across this before but I've put in plenty of hours into Battlefront and never seen this before.

it's about a hour and 15 minutes in.


  • thedrum808
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    edited September 2016
    I was just about to make another thread on this. I just got out of a Walker Assault match where people on PC were intentionally organizing the team to exploit the bug.

    This is a game-breaking issue. This needs to be addressed ASAP.
  • How does it even occur? Is it similar to the Hero Hunt glitch or completely different?
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  • Yeah I came across this yesterday for the first time, there's a few threads on the forum about it. Apparently when you get the hero icon in WA select your hero, once you've spawned all you do is pause the game for at least 20 seconds. After the 20 secs has passed a new hero token will appear and you can play as normal. Once you see someone has spawned in as another hero just repeat the process. This will destroy WA and hope it's fixed soon but in the meantime it could be fun if both sides know how to use the glitch, could be like playing HvV with real objectives in WA.
  • I just had this happen. Unreal. 5 heroes on the other team both rounds
  • Had this happen to me in WA also,they had four rebel heros the whole game.
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