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How do you guys stay calm when having a bad game

I get very frustrated when I get killed a lot of times. How do you guys stay relaxed during it. I know it's just a game, Yada, yada, yada, my CoD rage carried over.


  • If you are older, like events have a way of giving one perspective. **** at a game..nah too many real world events have caused me to not sweat the small stuff :)
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  • I though you meant how do we stay calm when we have bad DLC
  • I remember that it's just a game (I'm not making fun of you I'm serious) I have to literally tell myself it's just a game. And if it gets really bad I quite, my rule is that if it's no longer fun I go out so I don't freak out :)
  • Usually when I get frustrated at many deaths in play a lot more cautious. By cautious I mean get 2 or 3 pulse cannon kills from the back and that's how I build up more confidence to do good the rest of the match and calm down
  • Keep calm and carry on. I seriously have alot of bad games, compounded by how I have to drop after just one round due to the stupid faction switching between rounds. But it doesn't bother me in the slightest, so long as it was fun. I'm just not as competitive as everyone else, I guess. So long as I got me a couple Rebel kills I'm happy.
    There is a war in our stars, we should be able to choose which front we battle for.
    There is a war in our stars, we should be able to choose which front we battle for.
  • I go and play Skirmish on Normal. That way I can dominate without fear of dying

  • zoodc
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    I just hold everything in until I get on a killing streak again and forget why I was going to yell at my TV.
  • Anoh
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    It's a game
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  • I rage. Then I quit.
  • Half q and a twelve pack of red grenades
  • QUYMOBIUZ wrote: »

    Indeed haha :)

    yup sure fire
  • I shout "LAG" - because that is obviously the only reason why I'm getting killed

    Then carry on :):lol:
  • Kick the dog?
  • Ganja Colorado
  • 12 cans of Budweiser.
  • No... must keep calm... concentrate...


  • I find that shouting at my TV helps. Sometimes I just curse and utter and shake my fist. Such is life.
  • I sometimes have several matches where i get killes several times in a row and in many of those matches everything seems impossible...grenades always hits you and never your team mate, you get hit even if someone else was in front of you, you always seems to run in where there is 4-6 enemies and continuing...well i get **** and throw a newspapper or something light like a newspapper or something that dont ruin anything at home. Then i also have matches that is like stealing candy from kids, people begging to be killed and dont seems good enough to hit anything.
  • Dotty
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    Play Getting Away with Murder by Paparoach and go spawntrap ai in skfs on master difficulty.
  • the right way to deal with it:
    ·scream & swear in front of the kids
    ·get kicked in the (insert favourite bodypart) by your wife
    ·go somewhere & follow Jarlens advice
    ·buy flowers for your wife
    ·start again
  • TMachine97 wrote: »
    I go and play Skirmish on Normal. That way I can dominate without fear of dying

    I do the same ;)
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  • I stop playing, such a mediocre game is EASY to put down.
  • CargoBuddy wrote: »
    I rage. Then I quit.

  • Take a deep breath and try to keep going. Change up tactics and attempt to turn things around. However, if you just keep getting angry, it's best to just quit and find another game.
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  • Fart to make myself giggle. Then go back in smiling.
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  • Cosmowove
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    I pretend I'm sick and trying to feel better. Its easier when your main objective is to avoid any Deaths and don't care about winning the game objectives or your Kill score.
  • Dont really care unless whole team is a bunch of noobs that couldnt hit a barn from the inside.
    Then i quit and looking for new game.
  • Pot...
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  • Cannabis

    a heavy indica does the trick lolll
  • Have one of these watch you while playing
  • bourbon and adult films
  • Nien_Nunbs_s0n
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    When I get killed I message the person to 1v1 me then absolutely annihilate them then feed on their bones. (Bossk)


    When I get killed, I start getting upset (cause of pride, making them think I'm weaker then them) so after that every time I get a kill after I die, I Tbag and use a emote, it helps me calm down.
  • CryHavoc
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    Another thing that occurred to me. If I am on one of my famous get killed streaks, I stop playing and load up Battlefield 4. Then when perspective has been regained due to going 4-30 in BF4 due to the hardened level 100+ killers living in mom's basement playing all day long, I come back to Star Wars and everything is peachy again :)
  • Kermitjames
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    I give into my rage as bezerker and stop caring about deaths. I calmy focus my anger like the sith marauder I am and start shooting. Jump pack, Dlt-19, bezerker, cooling cell, and bacta bomb are my weapons.Dont call me a noob or nothing these tools I find fit my reckless attack style perfectly. It's a match made in heaven! Play the objective and fight fight fight down to the last man standing! If your going to lose make those fools EARN that win!
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    You just made my day
  • Kermitjames
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    Krimson wrote: »

    You just made my day

    Am I the only one who fights better drunk on crow whiskey then pot??

  • Stomp around the house angrily until I tire myself out.

    Doing 20 push-ups also does the trick, but I'm usually too lazy.
  • Peepzilla
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    This rarely happens to me because I mostly play HvV and I'm better than 95% of the player base at that mode, especially with friends while communicating.

    In the rare chance it happens, we wait until we switch sides and more often than not roast the **** out of them.

    Jarlen's advice is also clutch -- especially when I enter larger modes where I know I'm at a distinct disadvantage due to only casual playing them.
  • Muljo
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    Have your second hand be your "happy" hand. When I'm getting dominated, I switch over to shields and scatter gun. Then:
    1) Spot enemy
    2) Activate shield
    3) Sprint directly to closest enemy
    4) Bring out scattergun
    5) Deactivate shield
    6) Pull trigger
    7) Smile
    (PS if you're having a really bad time repeat steps 1-6 until you're satisfied you've shown off your dominance)
  • Blame lag
  • Beer helps lol
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