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No health pick ups after first spawn of Death Star FS...ever...anywhere.

I can't believe nobody is mentioning this.

Internet provider- This is not an internet issue, so...yeah.

Issue- After the beginning of all Fighter Squadron maps in Death Star DLC, there are no longer health pick ups throughout the remainder of the match anywhere (and believe me, I've spent the time looking) on the map.

Could use, you know...some health pick ups to play my game.



  • I've already raised this as a bug report - it affects Phase 1 of Battle Station mode too. The pick-ups are there at the beginning of the round but never respawn after someone picks them up, with the exception of the Hero Vehicle icon.

    Does not affect vanilla non-DLC FS.
  • bfloo
    14992 posts Member
    On X1, this only happens in battle station, they do come back on the fs modes. They can be a pain to find.
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  • Yep I noticed this on the X1 too in battle station, haven't played fighter squadron yet for some reason, come to think of it, it hasn't come up in my playlist yet at all and I've done quite a few hours on it!! May be another bug?
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