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Hutt Contracts Not Updating **MERGED**



  • Slugthrower II shock blaster kills broken. Had 14, then dropped in count for a few games down to 0. Stuck at 0 now, despite already getting the 3 streaks and more than enough kills to complete.
  • Why is this happening?
    even within one match
  • I have completed all of the Hutt Contracts and unlocked all weapons/cards.

    However, immediately after the Death Star DLC/patch, 3 of my already completed contracts now show one of their progress bars reset to zero.

    This has not affected the weapons themselves though - all still remain unlocked and available for me to use thankfully.

    The 3 contracts that were affected by the patch are 'Contract Killer, 'Rodian Blaster', and 'Slugthrower II'.

    If I try to 're-achieve' these targets, nothing happens - they stay locked at zero.

    In the Companion App however, all of these Contracts show correctly with every progress bar at 100% completed.

    It must therefore be some issue caused by the patch on the console - PS4.

    Here is a video that clearly shows what has happened:

  • This is happening also to me. Killer streak and 40 kills with heavy blaster are ok, but when i reach 15 kills with sniper rifle the counter resets to 0
  • BatBru
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    edited September 2016
    Hello. It's the whole day that i'm trying to complete the contract. The first 2 requirements are ok (3 kill streak with sniper rifle and 40 kills with heavy blaster), but when i reach the 15 kills with the sniper rifle the counter resets to 0.
    I play on PS4
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  • I have the same problem -.-
  • I finished these 15 kills and got hut contract fulfulled or somwthing like that but it reset back to 0 -.-
  • I'm having the same issue with contracts not registering the kills. Can't unlock the new weapons!? please fix
  • When I reach the 100% on precision rifle, the Hutt cards shows the same reccord at the end of all play battles. This incident makes it impossible to have new records and upgreda others cards.
    Please Help!
  • I have similar problems:-

    1. Previously unlocked cards/items remain unlocked BUT some stats are <100%.

    2. I have unlocked three items post Death Star DL but, since then, other stats are not updating.

    3. Related to the above, after each game when Hutt Contract summaries are given, it is as if I just unlocked the abovementioned.
  • Just got the contract for the Relby

    I was able to get 3 target rifle kill streaks and 15 target rifle kills. I then noticed those numbers started going down when I started working on my 50 heavy blaster kills. I started working on those numbers again and after getting another kill streak, my 15 kills reset to 1.

    Can I replicate this happening? Yes because it's happening constantly...
  • Ever since teh first Expansion release in March of 2016 I have been unable to successfully buy any of the Hutt Contracts. They take my credits and then I get the error, 'Purchase Failed'. I have put in tickets with EA Support after every release/expansion. They always just tell me they know there's a problem and hopefully they'll fix it. The problem is I bought a Star Wars PS4 and the Season Pass but I can't access any of the content. I have tried 2 different PS4's (I bought 2 Star Wars PS4's, one for me and one for my wife) and her account works fine on both, but my account doesn't work on either properly. I was only able to buy one of the Hutt Contracts, and I was successful in earning the reward, but after that nothing else worked.
  • Gin54700
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    edited October 2016
    Same thing + contract rodian blaster reset the pistol kills too
    Whats happened in this game ? Bug contract, connectivity crash !!!
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  • Just played a round of Battlestation with the Surgeon II Hutt contract activated. Xbox One. Played as a rebel. I used my medical droid several times, and even saw an achievement pop-up saying "healed 5 players in one round." Then, after the round was over, the Hutt contract for Surgeon II showed ZERO out of the required healing of 20 team members. How is this possible? The screen said that I healed at least 5 team members. Oh, but no, in this bug infested nightmare download, where nothing actually works, no, of course I shouldn't expect it to actually increment the number of times I healed teammates. After all, that would mean that EA actually tested this release before publishing it... silly me.
  • buckwhizzle88
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    edited October 2016

    Platform: PS4
    Issue: I am trying to get the Rodian Blaster and my 15 kills with blaster pistol keeps resetting.
    Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes
    Details on how to reproduce the issue:Play almost any mode of any game
    If you're having connectivity problems or issues in regards to lag etc. please provide the following:N/A

    Region: NA,
    Internet Service Provider (ISP): What company provides your internet?ATT
    Connection Speed:7.1 Mbps

    also I have the 4.00 patch update
  • My kill count for the Hutt Contract Rodian Blaster is down to 0 and won't increase, for the total for "Kill 15 enemies with any blaster pistol" I had that part completed at one point then the count just started decreasing and now is stuck at 0 and won't complete the contract.
  • ND513
    550 posts Member
    My friend has this issue but with the contract to unlock the relby
  • Fatherofnard
    1 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    I am having an issue with the hutt contract for the relvy10 blaster. I had it at 99% with one kill left with targeting rifle and then the next game the kills I got ended up subtracting from the total. I shut down game and restarted and it started back at 99% and new kills start subtracting again. I have 134 kills since this started happening. Why should I do these tasks if they are not going to let me ever complete them? Not cool! I have a PS4 and I can replicate the issue 100% of the time for past 4 days.
  • Perhaps someone else is experiencing this problem. My hutt contract to unlock the relby v10 is not working. I have gotten the 40 heavy blaster kills required, I have gotten three targeting rifle streaks using the t-21b and I continue to use the t-21b to try and get the 15 targeting rifle kills required, but the kills I get do not get registered by the game, please fix!
  • Mine isn't regestering kills for the blaster pistols, so therefore I can't unlock the rodian blaster.
  • Kills don't register with the blaster pistols for me. Can't unlock the rodian blaster.
  • Thanks.I was just checking to make sure it wasn't me.
  • Kills register but I went from 12 kills registering to 6 registering to 0.
  • Most of my Hutt Contracts have reset to zero:
    DL-18: 3 Pistol kill streaks and is not counting new streaks
    Relby: Targeting Rifle kills
    DT-12: 15 kills with any blaster pistol, also not counting new kills
    Scatter Gun: (reset to level II) 15 kills with a shock blaster
  • Targetting Trooper and Contract Killer: Get 3 Targeting Rifle Streaks not advancing

    Contract Killer: Kill 15 Enemies With Any Targeting Rifle sometimes advancing to a point at times but then resets (after 5 hits)

    Rangefinder 1 and Imperial Instrument: Completed at 100% and can use the item in game but it does not clear in the round-up. I am working on Rangefinder II and have started gaining in the count.

    No word on whether if this is being worked on or if and when it will be on in the next patch
  • I am still having the same problem trying to complete the Slugthrower II contract. The stats don't get counted so even after I have all of the requirements met the counter bars don't register what I have completed and I can never unlock the reward. Is there something being done about fixing this or has anyone found a work-around to unlock the slugthrower II?
  • 20th reset or so on trying to get slug thrower II. I have rebooted the PS4-cold boot. I find it endlessly annoying to be attempting the impossible.
  • I know I have gotten kills with this gun. I am using it on purpose to complete the contract to get the Slugthrower II. When I check the contract the kills are not showing up. I need to get 15 and it stays on 0.
  • TITLE: (PS4) Slugthrower II Hutt Contract BUG


    BODY: The Slugthrower II Hutt Contract is bugged. Initially, it would not cumulatively count the number of shock blaster kills I had accumulated (15 needed to satisfy the contract). It would only count the number of kills I had in that round, resetting every match. I had to get 15 kills in a single round for the Contract to unlock completely.

    Now that I have the upgraded Scatter Gun from Slugthrower II, the Contract continues to change the number of shock blaster kills I get in a round (currently at zero kills because I'm not using the shock blasters to kill things). However, the upgraded scatter gun continues to be available, despite the percentage completed going from 100% to 68%.

    REPRODUCIBLE: Unsure. It started while happening on the Slugthrower II contract. The other two elements of the Contract work as normal.
  • Having the same problem with this contract on the Xbox One, I even tested my kills with adding the 25 Blaster kills challenge and got to 25 on that but only ten on the contract. Then it went back to zero, then 13 and now back to zero. Also scatter gun stuck at 6 please help....
  • I have been having the same problem except mine moved to 10 then 0 then 13 and now back to zero. Also scatter gun remains at 6 despite several more kills than that with it. Frustrated and don't know what to do about it
  • you have to get 15 kills in ONE game!
  • This has happened twice to me. First time I had a in game message saying I achieved the contract challenge. Then today I got 24 kills in one game and the contracts screen showing 0 kills
  • I have the same issue - despite completing the 3 shock blaster streaks, the 15 kills are stuck on zero.
  • Shawnanigains
    1 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    I found out that the progress does seem to save (according to the Battlefront companion app). It just doesn't reflect that progress in-game for some reason... Kinda annoying but you should be able to see the progress on the app.
  • Okay, will try later :smile:

  • Have you actually completed the contract yet? You have to get 15 T21B kills in a single round - they don't add up.
    I finished this contract yesterday and now have the Relby however the contract is still active in my game showing 0 kills and 74% completion.
  • vonVile
    310 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    My game won't get rid of the DLT-19X contract after completion. After each game it reappears stating its complete, which I did a few days ago. Also when I immediately completed this contract mid-game my character lost all its Star Cards. The slots went blank. I can't remember how I got them to reappear. I think I died and reselected them.

    I'm also having problems with the Rodian Pistol contract. I can't complete the KILL 15 PEOPLE WITH PISTOL because it resets after every game.

    Platform: PS4
  • RoG
    31 posts Member
    After months of glitches and updates it took until the death star dlc that i even got the post match challenge progress to display properly, and for stats to properly record... but now I'm having a problem with 'slugthrower 2'.
    It was the only active challenge i had when death star came out. To refresh your memory its, 3 shock blaster streaks, 30 skatter gun kills, and 15 kills with any shock blaster.
    before Death star i had 2/3, 30/30, 15/15 respectively.
    When i got the lasted update i went back to 1 shock blaster streak (the hardest thing of all so far for me), 20 scatter gun kills, and zero shock blaster kills. How i got a shock blaster streak with no shock blaster kills is especially silly.
    So i figured, nbd, i'll just have to do it again, even though i had pretty much given up on the challenge because getting shock blaster streaks is a pain. I had been tearing it up with the scatter gun all morning, and went to check if i had that part finished recorded none of it. and none of the shock blaster kills i had from yesterday.
    I'm really tired of how unfinished this game is. By the time all the dlc is out we MIGHT have a full game for 100 dollars, but will it even function properly? Is this really too much to ask? I used to poo-poo the guys on game forums who would rip EA/dice as the worst company ever who didn't care anything about the customer, only how much money they could squeeze from them. Now i believe it. I feel like this game has been one long beta test for Battlefront 2, and we are all paying to help the developer make the game they should have.
    I'll no doubt buy the next one, because it star wars (duh)...but i definitely will be speaking with my wallet on all future EA/Dice purchases. I get all the sports titles every year, so i'll be buying the version not made by EA whenever possible. I guess that means no more madden, but that game is a menu mess of crap any more anyway.

    Fix this game please.
  • same here, i have 86 kills with targeting rifle and nothing, im so done with this game already
  • Same for me, on PC. My heavy blaster kills stopped halfway even though I racked up 75 heavy blaster kills to unlock the tl-50 after I started the relby contract.
    Got the 3 targeting rifle kill streaks but 15 kills didnt go up with my streaks.
  • Ukhupa
    53 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    From another post I saw:

    When the criteria reads Get, then you can get those kills across multiple rounds but when the criteria says Kill then you have to get required number of kills in a single round.

    In this case, you need to get the 15 kills with the targeting rifle in one round.
  • Having the same issue but it will count mine and then the next round it subtracts the shockblaster kills I got from my total. I thought I was hallucinating at first but my percentage went down and it's only on slugthower ii
  • You could be right. (just poor wording if you are) I was thinking it could be a bug too then I just stayed back in a WA game and was plugging away with the T-21B. I did well that game. In the end it did windup unlocking for me.

  • Ukhupa wrote: »
    From another post I saw:

    When the criteria reads Get, then you can get those kills across multiple rounds but when the criteria says Kill then you have to get required number of kills in a single round.

    In this case, you need to get the 15 kills with the targeting rifle in one round.

    Doesn't explain why the other part of the contract is frozen though. The heavy blaster part says Get 40 kills but stalled at 19. :/
  • Yes Hutt contracts are broken. My current example is the Relby gun because it's not registering any targeting rifle kills but it does show targeting rifle streaks which makes zero sense.
  • The contract that requires blaster rifle kills does not register my kills. And at the end of the game its at like 40% and winds down to 0% :neutral:
  • Having the same problem,, only with he DT12 and what does blaster set to blast mean? Is there any other setting other than blast?
    So went for the 15 kills in one match last night with the 21B. Got 14 in 2nd game I think and the contract updated to 14/15. Next match was on twilight hoth so spat the dummy and went back to a heavy blaster. Contract reset back to 0/15 after that. Next battle was a better map and racked up the 15 and the contract completed in the middle of the battle when I hit 15. Guess the heavy blaster part of it just auto completed somehow. Made sure I used the relby next battle to unlock an achievement Id been waiting on.
    Happy i unlocked the relby but still seemed bugged either way.
  • Mine all seem to be working now. PS4.
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