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Siege could not be validated?

I was doing siege 8 and I finally managed to get 3 stars on it to get all 24 stars but it said siege could not be validated when I completed it... What happened?


  • Did you lose your Internet connection? The Siege result has to log in to the EA servers I believe, so that you can spend the Credits in Battlefront.
  • Could be a bug. It tends to happen when the last unit like either Boba Fett, or the AT-AT died to the Trap. Saw it happened when the Ion Cannon took them out with the Trap enabled.
    Alright... Alright... Alllrrright... B)
  • This is still happening and I experienced it for the first time today. I have not lost internet connection and there have been no changes to my system. Please resolve this bug immediately or let me know who needs to be engaged to have the proper attention put on the situation. If there is a ticket raised I need the ticket number and contact technician.
  • Only happened to me once and it turned out that the PlayStation Network had gone down. I replayed the Siege and it validated second time round.
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