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Rogue Squadron game - Do you want one?

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edited December 2016

I just saw Jackfrags video about the Rogue One VR experience and it reminded me a lot Rogue Squadron on Gamecube.

I don't know why they only made this mission for PS4 VR and not for all platforms (supporting 2D)... Whatever, I really wish to see a new Rogue Squadron game in the futur, because it was my favorites games and for me it was better than Battlefront on PS2.

If only they could make a game with missions like that (but longer) and a big dogfight multiplayer, could be awesome. Also could be cool to get manual landing to repair/change spaceship and a free cockpit view with the controller if you hold+click right joystick on controller and move it to see around.

Would you like a Rogue Squadron game too?



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