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Can we get all modes and maps in one queue please?

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edited January 2017
I feel it would make the game more interesting if people could just get in a single matchmaking queue and play all modes and maps instead of having to choose individual DLC to play on.

Essentially, group all maps and modes by player count and stuff that in a server queue (unless of course you are using the same inept server management software that BF1 is now lumbered with - limited to six maps maximium)

Also, it would make sense to include the numbers of players in each section so that we know whether or not it is a waste of time trying to search for games in that section.

Games are also very short, why do objective based matches even have a timer?


  • DO2L
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    It would be nice or have a server browser so we could search an all DLC server (if one could exist).
  • DO2L wrote: »
    It would be nice or have a server browser so we could search an all DLC server (if one could exist).

    Or at least be able to work out where the diminishing player base is actually playing at any given time.
  • Anoh
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    Server browser would be great!
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  • An all DLC queue would be good. I can only handle one or two play-throughs of Scarif because it's just so repetitive. I was really hoping that at some point they would just merge everything in with the main game. It'd be nice to be able to play walker assault on all maps, not an either/or.
  • Game definitely needs some merging of some sort at some point.

    At some point I wish they would just merge all the DLC content together and open it all up to anybody that bought at least one DLC. I mean, I have tough times finding matches on many of the DLC maps modes.

    Ideally, I'd like to see everything merged together in the main game at some point but that's probably asking too much.

    I'd bet nothing happens though if I had to guess and the DLC modes will just continue to be barren wastelands.

    I for one won't purchase DLC that it set up again like this as I've just really grown to hate DLC that is set up to inherently split player bases. I'd rather see DLC for offline modes, or customization options...basically micro type stuff that you can either have or not have.

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