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Are the Servers down?



  • This worked for me on xbox one. I held the power button for 10 seconds to do a full power down and then restarted. The servers have worked great since then.
  • The only time I can play due to these issues are in the very early morning.
    Bad connection in upper right during any normal hour. Gets worse by the day. I haven't been able to even make it through a match.
    Complete garbage, fix the problem now!
    I was hoping the update today would take care of it but it's worse. And you nerfed the 2 best explosives in the game.
    Way to ruin the game dice/ea.get your act together and fix these problems. Now not in a month fix them now or you will have no one on the game.
    Thanks for turning a 10 year wait on a game into a giant pile of unplayable crap.
  • Atleast I'm not the only one. Any time I try to join a game I get that message. I've gotten into a few games by disconnecting the ps4 from the internet and forcing the game to reconnect to the internet, but even that barely works.

    Pretty much unable to play this game.
  • I am either getting "you have lost connection to the playstation network" or the loading screen for the multiplayer level runs forever.

    To begin with I had no issues, but since maybe the 27th or 28th it's virtual impossible to have a multiplayer game.

    Maybe the game will start 1 in 10 times if i am lucky.

    To be honest this is really rubbish and needs to be addressed for EA ASAP
  • Play this game directly from the PS4 to the router via Ethernet cable. Don't play through wifi, it's much slower and can cause disconnects.
  • I've been complaining about latency issues from day 1. The lag is just getting worse. CAN WE PLEASE get a server browser?!!! I have business internet 50mbps preferred bandwidth, hardwired directly to the modem, so it's not on my end!
  • Just bought the game.. Cant even connect to EA account.. What is the problem here.. Been researching it.. But no answers can be found.. Hope EA could fix this..
  • Same issue. Not just for me, but also for the three friends I was playing with last night.

    It seems like a new issue since the patch.
  • Yea same here, started happening since the patch, wish we could get an official response though...
  • Dreadzyn
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    Yep, same here for 2 days now since the patch! Played last night, friends had same problem.

    My connection is perfect and have no other multiplayer problems except this game.
  • Yups, so finally I have to say something negative about the game.. but, I wonder if it`s the game or the Playstation 4 that cannot handle alle the incoming traffic of what the other 39 machines sends - or is it people with bad/slow connections who messes up for those of us who have 8 lanes broadband with lubricants and permission to go faster then any man has ever gone before... either way, I have to give this game a break now - if I can - until someone has fixed this issue, I`m getting way to frustrated for my health!!!
    Playstation 4 fun :pProud member of the 3PO community
  • Found a fix that works perfectly for me.
    Switch off your router, unplug it for one minute, plug it back in and boot up - as easy as that.
    I was highly dubious that this would work but we haven't had a single problem since - not even superficial lag. The game is running perfectly, and that's with TWO consoles running the game through the same router.
    Honestly - give it a go if you haven't already. Good luck.
  • It is not a problem with anyone's router, low chance if any. I've had slow connection to server or bad connection the past 3 days. Game is unplayable on Multiplayer right now. Fix the problem EA, before this becomes a waste of money for alot of people.
  • The router can be a part of the problem thought, to many missed sends will try to resend and can build up a que in the router - normally this will fix it self overtime but a reboot of the router fix it faster.

    I still suspect this of being something that the PS4 Hardware can`t handle - there`s not any complaints about this in the Xbox forum... just saying`
    Playstation 4 fun :pProud member of the 3PO community
  • Im having the same problem which started yesterday. Why is it its just with EA games???????
  • chiphazard
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    Why cant EA make a game without any connectivity issues??? It can't be hard as other well establish and third party companies make it so darn easy to connect. EA its OK to ask for help!!
  • Well I finally managed to figure out this issue after reading various online forums. If anyone was suffering from the same issue as I with getting this message every time trying to connect to a game "Lost connection to the Playstation Network, online features will be unavailable" here's how I got mine to work.

    Apparently the modem my internet provider gives me also doubles as a router (a rather poor one). Because of how poor it is, I've just always plugged in my own router into it and never bothered to touch anything with the modems built-in router. Apparently a router going through another router like this causes this issue with the game. So to fix it I connected to my modems router manual in the settings, turned it in into a bridge (effectively disabling it as a router) and now I'm finally able to play star wars battlefront online.

    So in summary:
    - My internet modem was also a router and I had plugged in my own router into it.
    - This caused the issue with me constantly losing connection to the PS Network with this game and this game only.
    - I effectively disabled my modems built-in router by making it a bridge, and am now able to play this game using my own router.

    This specific link below was the guide I used to turn my modem into a bridge. I'm sure you're ISP has one on their website:

    Hope everyone with this issue can get it to work.

  • I got the same problem, it said Bad connection to the server on the PC version
  • same thing happened to me as grease_bits using my isp modem/router combo which sucks and kept losing connection.I replaced that with my own modem and router that i just bought and everything runs smooth now.good luck everybody.
  • I've been getting the message "Very Bad Connection to Server this Game will be Unplayable" thats red, located on the top right corner of the screen.

    I even double checked all my others ps4 games including Gauntlets, NBA2K16, Netflix, etc. They all work perfectly fine, no lag whatsoever.

    I'm sure this is not a device issue as well since I bought this ps4 / Battlefront bundle a week ago...

    Does anyone know a solution?
  • This issue has been occurring sense beta. With still no fix insight.
  • Same problem on my end. Internet is fine but horrible lag and "Bad Connection to Server" issues along with loads of rubber banding. Game is basically unplayable online. EA needs to fix this issue
  • Need to thank Grease_Bits, that completely solved my problem. For anyone still having this issue, I highly recommend you check out his post.
  • IAmLegion
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    edited December 2015
    Dear EA,

    I can barely connect to the Multiplayer portion of the game.
    I either keep getting a permanent load screen or the message "You have lost connection to the Playstation Network, online features will be unavailable."

    I have tried every possible fix mentioned online or that I can think of, including:
    • Close app
    • Shutdown / restart PS4
    • Port forwarding
    • Reinstall game
    • Connect straight from wall socket
    • Restore licenses
    • Switch between Wifi & Wired

    Nothing works. I spend at least one hour trying to connect every time.
    It works after many, many, many tries.

    I just need to know if the error is from the servers or my connection.

    This is the only game I'm facing this issue with. All other multiplayer games work fine.
    • I live in Dubai
    • I am using a PS4
    • My connection speed is 20 mbps
    • Router is D Link

    I bought this disk looking forward to playing this game.

    Please have the courtesy to address my concern.

  • Thanks Grease_Bits for tip on bridge mode. This was a newish ISP router and I forgot about this. Switching to bride mode resolved my issues.
  • burnXt
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    Deleted. Swearing not allowed.
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  • Seems to have gotten worse since update .. Rubber banding and long pauses no other game giving me these problems and I know its not my internet
  • Bigtimepower
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    I just wanted to add to thread, I don't get lag really just suddenly get red connection error at top right and then dropped from server and I can rejoin a game until it drops me again, no points save when dropped so worthless waste of time. Xbox One, 100 meg internet, all ports open.
  • I have not been able to play ANY multiplayer. I got to run around for 1 min before connection went back to red. It always is and has been "bad/unplayable connection"... Only been playing single missions. They should at least have offline version.... I have 5mbp download speed can watch movies etc.... WHAT IS GOING ON?
  • sounds like its a problem with EA and not us because i too am having the same problems
    i can play for two hours stop playing for 1 min to check somethign then for 15 min i cannot connect to a server, saying the i lost connection to playstation network. my internet is fine i mean it will cut out here in there because i have to share it but really 15 plus min and not a single connection to an EA server pls.
  • This happened to me tonight for the first time while playing BLAST. I started lagging in the game and the little slow connection to server icon appeared on the top right of my screen. That has never happened before. I had no connection problems playing the Beta, nor anytime with the full version of the game until now.
  • Yet another complaint of the same nature. Very annoying. Love the game, but I can't deal with the inconsistent connection. Unplayable at times on Xbox One. Wanted to purchase the season pass, but no way will i consider spending another $50 unless this server problem is fixed.
  • Yep, I'm getting the same thing and it's beyond frustrating. Very rarely will a game last with minimal lag, but normally it starts right from the beginning.

    Restarting my router or PS4 seems to have no impact.

    EA/Dice: FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!
  • Same here. Noticed it last night. Rubberbanding like crazy. Unplayable. It caused my K/D to go from 8.20 to like .61 in just a day ;) PLEASE FIX THIS. In 2015 this shouldn't even be an issue anymore.

    Oh well, it gave me a chance to play Fallout 4.
  • gsinker
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    It seems like Dubai is the wrong place to be, I am also in Dubai and i am having the same problem.
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  • Same problem on Xbox One - first couple of weeks after release were fine, but around the early access release of the Jakku DLC connection started getting really bad. Lag makes the game unplayable. Have tried restarting router, port forwarding etc. Nothing works!
  • I had seen this pop up last night but switched to a wired connection from wireless and it did not happen again. Not sure if it was do to the connection type change or the fact that I had to restart my connection do to the switch. For me it only happen the one time.
  • I get it all the time with a wired connection, the PS4 in the DMZ and the fastest DNS lookup I could find. It's typical Dice. I tried playing twice tonight and the lag was so bad I thought they had added concrete boots to the game.
  • All of this could be solved with the ability to see the different servers in the lobby. If you could choose the server that has the fastest connection for you all would be good. Also your team/guild play could be coordinated easier. EA please give us a lobby we can pick and choose from.
  • I live in Dubai and am facing exactly the same problems as you guys, paid $60 for the game on PSN, played it for 1 day then haven't been able to play it for 10 days since!!!

    What steps do we have to take to get refunds? Anyone know who to contact? Is it EA or PSN?

  • Same.
    This game is basically unplayable.
    Tried everything and was able to connect to 1 multiplayer match in the past 3 weeks.

    Thanks for taking my CAD $79.99 tho... And asking for $69.99 for more of an unplayable game.
    Should I attempt to get a refund, or will this be fixed soon??
  • I am also in Dubai. It was working fine for me until around the end of November but now its a disaster

    My CSP is Du and i have 100Mbit Down and 10Mbit Up

    My router is an Asus AC-RT87U.

    I may try a VPN which i can setup in mu router to the UK, to see if it helps
  • It seems like most people are in dubai. I live in dubai too and i am having the same exact problem. The game stopped connecting properly at the end of november. My friend and I found it impossible to find a playable match today. EA is at it again. FIX IT!
  • I found that if i make a VPN on my router to the UK it seems to connect in multiplayer every time no issue. However this makes the connection and latency so bad that the actual game is unplayable

    Out of interest for all the Dubai players having the issues. Which CSP are you using? Du or Etisalat?
  • I am on Du, with 100Mbit Down 10Mbit Up connection
  • For the last few days (ever since Jakku was released to everyone) I can't enjoy battlefront anymore because it's like a stop motion movie from the 70's. I know it's not my connection cuz I have google fiber.
  • For me the obvious lag is in Fighter Squadron. The amount of rubber banding and teleporting all over the screen makes it unbearable at times.
  • Hi, same issue here, game was working perfectly until end of Nov and since than I can't get thru the loading screen 95% of the time. I don't understand why it lets me in from time to time but when it does everything works perfect until I try another game mode.

    I'm with Du too, I tried all possible fix but nothing works...
  • Davidara
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    Glad I'm not the only one having this "Bad connection..." nonsense happening. Things I've tried to resolve the issue:
    1. -Updated network adapter drivers
    2. -Reinstalled the game
    3. -Disabled SLI
    4. -Configured port forwarding per the EA troubleshooting site
    5. -Disabled routers QOS
    6. -Set my PC in the DMZ on my router
    7. -Bypassed router altogether
    None of the above items have resolved the issue nor made it occur less.

    If I use the "NetworkPerfOverlay.Enable 1" in the console I see the server offset jumps from 20ms to 500 then up to 1000+ the more I try and move around. As soon as I stop moving it settles back down to 20 and I can watch all my team members run around, shooting and such. I move my mouse again and BAM offset shoots back up until I stop moving. This is the case until I leave the round, restart the game and find a new match. If I'm lucky I can go two full rounds without problems - however more often then not I'm hit with these problems as soon as I join a match.

    I know for a fact that the issue is isolated to Battlefront as my Teamspeak connection is stable and my friends don't hear a loss in my voice quality. If I'm streaming a video while playing, there is no degrade of the quality. A speed test while this is occurring shows no loss in my speed. Any other game played on my PC or on my PS4 shows no issues with connectivity and maintains a stable ping/connection for hours on end.

    TL;DR - I've yet to find a cause for the intermittent connection drops, nor have I found a solution after trying everything I can think of - but this did start happening after the Jakku patch.

    UPDATE - I just noticed this is the PS4 forum, however I can see this issue is not isolated to one platform as I have issues on the PC version similar to everyone else here.
  • All of this could be solved with the ability to see the different servers in the lobby. If you could choose the server that has the fastest connection for you all would be good. Also your team/guild play could be coordinated easier. EA please give us a lobby we can pick and choose from.

    Couldn't agree more. Matchmaking only works in a console world, however PC gamers have always had the luxury of Server browsing and location based match making that WE as a player control + the ability to pay for and host your own server has always been something I loved. Removing this component immediately removes any competitive play from the game.
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