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i don't know but once in a while someone gets in a game and totally seems to have a major advantage. I've been playing this since day one and a lot of days spent in total, but there are those instances where someone will go like 62 - 2 KDR or i've seen 180 - 3 before when the next best person is like 20-12.
Forum thoughts?


  • screen-shot-2014-11-24-at-1-59-38-am.png?w=481&h=180&crop=1
    Three theories I've seen:

    1. The player is actually good and his skill is just enhanced by the standard 'expert' loadouts (bodyguard/bacta/adrenstim/pulse/bowcaster/etc)

    2. The player is actually cheating or using some kind of modded controller

    3. There is some kind of server god-mode slot that is assigned to a player in order to supposedly balance the match out, kind of like host connection on steroids or something? Who knows.
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  • DO2L
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    The other option you forgot, they are exploiting a bug
  • i just watched a guy fire his EE4 without cooldown - he had berserker trait and no cooldown card
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