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Bigger and Better Galactic Conquest, and Customizable Classes

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edited March 2017
Galactic Conquest was one of the most brilliant and truly player controlled game modes of the former Battlefronts and I could really see you guys doing great things with it if you added it to the next Battlefront. I think everyone can agree that while Battlefront was beautiful, nostalgic, and a whole lot of fun, after a while it got repetitive. And with a lack of variety in maps and user decisive choices it just wasn't complete. But with the originals you had so many different modes that gave you the control to pick and choose.

I believe adding Galactic Conquest with all our favorite planets plus so much more new ones from the new Saga would be a positive step towards the perfect Battlefront we slightly didn't get. But even more so, I think we really need bigger battles along with the conquest. You offer large maps and multiplayer opponents, but even then it doesn't feel big enough to the point of warfare. I think you need to go "Clone Wars" big by having a few maps that are really massive and offer a hundred of CPUs on the user's side as well as a hundred CPUs on the enemies. I know that's asking too much right now and it's a bit of a long shot, but if you picture the intensity of a fight like that, you'd never not feel engaged. Always ducking and dogging and hiding behind cover. And the flaking you could do would be inexplicably worth every penny.

And finally I believe classes are the way to go in order to make gameplay even more heightened. Classes with both pros and cons. Ex: Stealth Trooper, faster and silent, but carriers less equipment and weaponry. Or Medic, standing around them slowly revives health, but weapon choice is somewhat limited due to supplies. There's so much that you could do with the classes that would give this game the feel that you are in control of the game.

I think the gun choice is not a problem, after all they did use the same weapons over and over again in the films, but I think that appearances should be more customizable from armor paint, to different species.

I'm extremely excited for this game and I really hope you take my ideas into consideration before releasing!
(Also PS: My one hero request is that Kit Fisto is finally put in a Battlefront because that guy is just so sick!)


  • Lonnisity
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    I agree with a lot of what is above. The next BF will likely not include clone wars, but I have fingers crossed for classes, GC, etc.
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