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Reactions/thoughts after trailer?

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So I know there's probably a million of these already but oh well. I just saw the trailer and unlike some, who are already saying the game'll be bad, I'm more willing ti wait it out. It's the first trailer, there will be more and I don't judge until I see the gameplay myself. Now one thing I want to know is will the campaign they featured be the only one? Or will it be like good ol' BF1 where there was the split campaign, Imperial and Rebel(and including First Order/Resistance and/or New Republic)?
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  • I'm sure the game will be good but based on the trailer and the promo site I don't really like the story mode. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to it.... but now i'm not. I don't want to play as a female character. I'm a male and I want to imagine myself in the game as the character. I can't do that when its a female. The psychology is completely out. Sigh.

    I'd at least have hoped that the character gender/appearance would be customisable, but the promo material suggests not. Why does 'she' have to remove her helmet anyway? If she didn't the character could be gender neutral. There has been a significant decrease in discipline in the Imperial military the past few years. What happened to the good old day's when the soldiers were faceless and simply followed orders.... oh yeah they were sold to a company with a gender and racial (I noticed Iden Versio isn't caucasian like every other Imperial) equality agenda. I've always loved the Empire but I'm starting to despise how family-friendly it's becoming under new management.

    While the graphics will be vastly superior to previous Battlefronts I don't expect the gameplay to be. It's obvious these games are released with an entirely different priority than the original Battlefront games. Just look at the cover of this one.... it features: Rey (ugh), the new special forces style Storm Trooper (presumably Versio), and Darth Maul.... none of these characters have ANYTHING to do with traditional Battlefront. They 2/3 are hero characters at best and one of them will be completely unbalanced because their abilities seem to grow magically as the plot demands. The only way to balance her out is to give the opposing side an Indominus Rex which suffers from the same condition of poor storytelling.

    I was really hoping Battlefront would go back to its roots this time around. The trailer has basically confirmed its going in a different direction altogether. It's upsetting to say the least.
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  • They should call the game "Star Wars Battlefront 2: We're sorry".

    So far it seems like the Battlefront we should have always gotten.
  • I'm more optimistic than pessimistic at the moment.

    But I'm still holding off on praise as we still barely have any real details.
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  • Madcat124 wrote: »
    They should call the game "Star Wars Battlefront 2: We're sorry".

    So far it seems like the Battlefront we should have always gotten.

    Haha. Nice.

    I'm cautiously optimistic. Despite them totally dikking over my ego with classes, the entire rest of the offering looks great. Where they get "biggest trailer" from is a head scratcher, but if we get at least 8 heroes from each era, true offline co-op of any substance, if the campaign plays as good as it looks, and if there really is a great wealth of equipment and upgrades that are well executed. This could be the game to play for a long time.

    Or it could be all hype and pre-rendered disappointment like the last game.

    My needle is pretty firmly in the positive right now.
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  • Quizolio
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    After the first EA Battlefront, I pretty much considered the sequel a lost cause.

    The trailer didn't draw me in, though. Rather, it was the talk that Battlefront 2 won't have a season pass. That alone reeled me back into the fold somewhat.
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