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Battle Point Event
Focused Feedback

Hero system feedback for devs.

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TL;DR can skim bold parts

Played heaps of this beta so far (having a great time), and just wanted to list some areas where Hero's & the systems around the Heros could use some tweaking.

Firstly, Im really loving the fact that 2 heros can be active per team at a time, and that heros are much more manageable to defeat as infantry (I actually gave this as feedback along with a point system based on merit after leaving BF1, and im very happy to see this in game). I also dont think the heros are weak as many are saying (some may need tweaks, but ill leave that to the data you collect), but I do think that some quality of life changes need to be made here and there in other areas.

1) Although I LOVE the point system, and think its the single best addition to the game (because its absolutely fair) I have noticed one or two problems with it in terms of heros.

PROBLEM; Sooooooo many players will wait in the spawn menu near the end of a match just buttonmashing in hopes of securing their fave hero, this often results in games being lost because you look around and there is only 7 other allies spawned in. This is a problem.

SOLUTION; Tweak the system so the game offers heros to players that are currently spawned in. A prompt will come up asking if you would like to spend 5K on a hero, and the player can hit yes and quickly select from the hero roster and spawn back in. BUT; Some paramaters should be set so it still remains fair and rewards the players who reacked 5K points first.
The system should pick the first player to hit 5K points and offer them the hero, and then it should continue to work its way down the list of players who hit 5K points next in descending order, skipping people who have spent their points.

2) PROBLEM: The other problem I see is total noobs may not get a turn all that often. (I still think players who earnt the 5k should have a chance at heros more often based on merit, but dont want to exclude noobs from having a go either)

SOLUTION: At the start of galactic assault, pick 2 players per team, totally at random, to start with their favourite heros free of charge. Once both of these heros die, the game then continuously offers just one hero on rotation to a completely random player free of charge. BUT as soon as one player on your team hits 5K points, then the system switches over to paying for heros only. This will allows noobs an extra random chance at getting a hero, as it would essentially give everyone an extra chance at playing a hero more often.

3) Also, I think you need to buff the heros health regen limit. Im not asking for more health, but that you allow heros to fully regen their health after a fight. THEN after 4-5 minutes, the hero then starts losing the ability to fully regen health (like you currently have), but at the moment, its not very rewarding, and can also be frustrating if you get an unlucky first encounter.

4) Lastly, I think lightsaber throw needs to be a OHK on anyone who is not a hero or special trooper.

Other than that I like the fact these heros require some situational awareness, and arent just a laser sponge. Really looking forward to seeing how many we get at release, and trying them all out. (Please kylo ren and obi wan!)

Anyway thats my thoughts so far, feel free to disagree, cheers.


  • Bump. Loads of noobs are already complaining here that they arent getting many go's with the hero classes. I feel this solution would not only give them what they want, but would also have NO negative impact on high skill players either. Anyone agree with this idea or think its not a good fit for the game?
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