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X-Wing shields

Can someone explain how I am seeing people flying in X-wings use shields almost constantly? The only break in their shields are when they evade, but as soon as they are done, they have their shields back. I can't get a damn shot off to save my life because I've always got to either deal with a shield or an evade.


  • Refresh token. Pretty much nonstop shields unless you manage to hit them with an ion torpedo and finish them off with out being hindered by the broken tight turn hit box.
    Don't click unless you want to know the truth....
  • The Tie Fighter's missile will take their shield down instantly. Then they are toast, regardless of their Refresh Cooldown token.
  • Good thing is that they can't do much damage to you if they have their shield on. It's usually the bad players that fly around constantly with X-Wing shields on.
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