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Yoda and Maul light saber block (not blaster)

I'm cool with no blaster block for the agile and quick yoda and maul but really EA? You're just going to...remove two iconic saber duelists ability to duel?

Enough said.....


  • Appo
    6 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    I think removing block from them to begin with is kind of silly, they are supposed to be powerful, skilled duelists. If the concern is that they would be too powerful, why not have a combination of shorter block time and lower health? There has to be some way to balance it out. They were pretty powerful in the original Battlefront II (Pandemic), but I don't think they were ever too hard to kill, unless it was an extremely skilled player using them.
  • There should be a block unique to sabers. That would make Jedi vs. Sith encounters more iconic, especially in large maps.
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