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EA please see this

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edited November 2017
sorry for the clickbate title but i've just been scouting the AMA and well i think its clear on what you need to do to stop the hate, just make more skins, remove star cards from crates and boom game save, i have no doubt that you are probably going to do this as you've probably came to the same conclusion, it will save your game, dice you have made a great game and i really hope EA lays off and lets you have success instead of ***** you over,

and gamers stop the hate on dice, im sure they are as sad as we are as this is their work being ruined


  • Feel free to share that in the AMA I guess. Also lets not make click bait titles, we will view them all non the less saying "EA please read this" wont make us or EA guys click any faster.

    There is also several threads about the AMA already, pick one and join in as we dont need duplicates on the matter.

    Thread closed.
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