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Resistance Announcer Voice ***CRINGE***

While I have no issue with the other factions voiceover, the one for the Resistance seriously makes me feel like I'm following the orders of a kid who just hit puberty. Like when the Starfighter Assault map starts and I hear "They took the bait, time to spring the trap", I have to wonder who recorded that line and thought it sounded acceptable to use in a AAA title. And hearing them explain objectives............they are honestly to nice and make it sound like everything will be ok even if they get steamrolled. I know it's not the First Order with their "tyranny" but the overly nice voice lines combined with the fact that they sound like they are being issued by a child is kind of a let down, especially when other factions sound great for the most part. That, combined with the Goodwill Outfitters look of the their uniforms makes the Resistance my least favorite faction to play as.


  • hahaha this post is quality OP.

    I mean it's their choice of Voice Actor and the Audio Lead, and I guess it's down to preferences.

    On a level, if someone asked me do I prefer First Order or Resistance for Voice Acting, I'd choose First Order.
  • bfloo
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    I agree, it feels like a 16 year old girl is directing the battle from her cell phone.

    All the others sound like a legitimate officer is directing the battle.
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  • Random123
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    edited November 2017
    We did it..................yeah that one bugs me every time.
  • "If we survive this, we're going to brag for months!" Makes me feel like a goddamned **** pirate or something.
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