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December CC

Was hoping for good news with the first update....

In grand EA fassion they delivered a massive letdown. Not only has progression not been mentioned past the PR "we are looking at it" BUT YOU CAN'T EVEN FIX THE ***** BUG THAT DISCONNECTS YOU FROM THE SERVERS EACH ***** TIME YOU BACK OUT.

I was like "hey bug fixes they had to have fixed the most major bugs right" "..wait no back out bug fix? server disconnect on back out fix?...what about people spawning in and not being able to see themselves or anybody else..."


  • Yeah no *****. Also, where did the kills etc go after the end of each match. There's nothing there. And, D Mauls lightsaber only works once in a while. Patch messed ***** up bigtime.. ?
  • EA_Tom
    380 posts EA Community Manager
    This is just the first game patch, more will follow that include updates to the game and further bug fixes.

    When you do post a thread for feedback or game discussion, please stay constructive.

    Thank you,

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