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Unfair class differences

The different health levels across the troopers needs to change. A specialist only having half the health of a heavy while the heavy can use his weapon across map like some sort of heavy sniper is beyond fair. Every class should have the same health levels to even the chances for players to enjoy the class of thier choice. The radars also need to be set back to sprinting sets it off again. Most of my friends agree with this.


  • A sniper can one shot most things a heavy has to stay on target for multiple hits .....not easy
  • Doesnt matter really, because a heavy can still shoot cross map amazingly well. Most heavy type weapons i have seen from other games typically dont have the range of a sniper. Also, heavies get more time firing than snipers . I cant one shot in multiplayer, even with a burst shot. Takes at least three or four shots, by which time the downpour from the heavy already killed you
  • Heavies typically use guns that would be categorized as light machine guns or automatic rifles. These guns have amazingly high range because they tend to be very powerful rounds. However the high rate of fire combined with the large rounds creates a ton of kick, making staying on target a very difficult task. If your getting outshot by heavies then that's just it, there outshooting you with a gun that takes far more hits and is harder to control.

    As a specialist you need to be ready to duck into cover at any moment, break his line of sight and he can't hit you. This rule applies to all classes but the specialist being the lowest health needs to think about it even more. Also thanks to you shiny scope glint a stationary specialist is a dead specialist. You don't need to move far after you shoot, but you need to move so the can't just target where they saw the glint.

    If they have their shield up your going to either need to disengage, get around it some how, or go under or through. Shoot at the legs or use you grenade, it isn't much good but it may buy you some time to either get to cover or get to killin.

    Specialist and heavies are the two hardest classes to play currently, but neither is underpowered. They just take more effort and strategy to do as well as Assult and officers who can fall back on better guns for most ranges in the game.
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