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Again lied...

Again did not do half! Where is the droideca, AT-TE, AT-AP and much more ?? !! Why did the developers(Pandemic Studios) in 2005 respond responsibly to their fans and did all the equipment? !! And you like the last sack, add everything for money on a teaspoon !!! ???
Very few game modes! Where is the most interesting mode, capture points? Why can not I select a map or at least add to the exceptions that I do not like? Because of this, I do not even want to play in your game!
The guys in 2005 made all the fighting units! And you did not do it!


  • EA has been and will continue to ruin games. Money comes first for them.
    "scnjbhsgchjth" - Death Trooper

  • pvn
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    Good time of day!
    I have 2 questions:

    They promised a lot of the Kantent from the clone wars
    1) When will add more units, at least droidikov?
    2) The game for some reason moved a bunch of heroes from the last part. Where are the new heroes? Will there be other modes? (I would like to - capture points. And another mode, hero vs hero - a death match, and not this one, where everyone chases after one hero)
    Thank you!
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